3 New Facebook Tools That Affect Your Business Advertising (March 2020)

Facebook routinely makes changes to their platform, and as business owners and marketers, part of our success is dependent on knowing how to use their tools. This is the quick down and dirty of some of changes that just came out.

1) Ad Budgets

Facebook's CBO

Facebook is changing the budget from being on the ad set level, to the campaign level. With this change, Facebook is implementing what's called Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) which will automatically maximize your budget for the best possible results throughout the campaign.

2) Ad Tracking

Facebook made two changes to how you can report and measure your ad campaign.

Conversion Paths: This reporting change will help you see, all in one place, the most important path across channels and devices.

Cross- Account Reporting and Custom Metrics: This will help you to better understand how your campaign is doing, all in one convenient location. You'll be able to see reach, impressions, conversions, and track them across multiple ad accounts.

3) Ad Monitor

There's been some bugs with Facebook Ads Manager, and this tool helps you to quickly identify any issues with your Ads Manager, and what ads are being affected.

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